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How to track Huawei P30 in real time using your GPS tracker ?

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On the other side, we have innovative minds that design apps like Spy apps which allows you to monitor a particular smartphone or person with its advanced technology. And also compatible with mostly all the Huawei new models. We have listed the top-rated applications, unlike you have to spend a few bucks to get high-class service from these apps.

Stealthy cameras for the masses

Or want to spy your friend's movement? The phone was really nice, but the reason I ended up sending it back was the in-screen fingerprint reader. This phone is well made with a solid feel and premium look and feel. My bad. The next day I put the free case that shipped with the phone back on it. The Huawei P30 Pro has a unique camera setup. On top is the 20MP ultra wide angle lens with a 40MP SuperSpectrum camera below that, and a horizontally placed 8MP periscope telephoto lens at the bottom. The ToF camera helps with portrait mode pics.

The 5x zoom on this camera is pretty impressive. Check out the pics above which I took a couple of weeks ago during a vacation to Red River Gorge in Kentucky. A tripod is really needed if you plan to use the zoom feature. Some might say that the colors are a little too vibrant especially when you use it in HDR mode, but I think the pictures look great. You would think that as a flagship phone, that Huawei would have gone all out of the audio capabilities of this phone.

So you might be surprised that the P30 Pro does not have stereo speakers. It only has one downward firing speaker that is located on the bottom right edge. Is the lack of stereo and a traditional speaker grill for your phone a big problem? Nope, not really.

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Ok, maybe just a little bit when it comes to calls. But for calls, I do notice that even at maximum volume, that I sometimes wish the sound was louder. You can also knock once and then draw an S to take a scrolling screenshot for really long pages. Just plug it in and it will let you choose if you want to mirror the phone display or use a full-screen user interface on the larger screen. The user interface in full-screen mode is easy to use just like Windows or MacOS and it reinforces my dream of one day using my phone as my one and only computer. During a typical day, I use my phone to make and receive calls shocker!

For all those tasks, the P30 Pro performs wonderfully. Speaking of charging, the P30 Pro supports reverse charging which allows you to use the phone as a wireless charger for another device that supports wireless charging. Just put the P30 Pro face down and it becomes a wireless charging pad. It has every feature I want in a flagship smartphone.

It has a nice display, excellent fingerprint reader, wireless charging, great battery life, a fullscreen desktop mode when connected to a monitor, and an excellent camera. Actual user interface and function may vary. Rewrite The Rules of Photography. Discover the potential.

How to Track & Spy Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, Asus or LG Smartphone Activities

Super Camera System. The Photography Pioneer Dare to impress. Closer to the Things You Love The new periscope telephoto lens allows more optical zooming capabilities to be tucked in a compact body without losing image quality. A Redefined Perspective The Ultra Wide Angle Lens brings out enchanting beauty in the vastness of the mountainous valley and grandeur of the sky.

What is it?

Spectacular Macro World The world is yours to discover from 2. You Are the Director. Bring the Enjoyment to You Keep your distance but still witness the exciting story. Easily On the Move Record exciting videos while skiing down the mountain. See Both Sides of the Story. Iconic Visionary Design.

Top 7 Amazing Huawei P30 Pro Camera Tips and Tricks You Must Know - Guiding Tech

The Duet of Power and Speed. Leap Towards the Future The Kirin is the world's first 7nm mobile process chipset with stronger performance and lower power consumption. Ultra Duration, Experience More Experience more everyday with the full support of a long-lasting 4,mAh typical value 9 battery with intelligent power saving technology. Refuel in Minutes Charging is no longer a hassle, but a painless task. Intelligent Experience. Upgrade Your Phone to EMUI10 The new EMUI10 13 based on Android 10 adopted the human centric dark mode to select the most comfortable background colour contrast, text and spatial contrast for your immersive reading experience in the dark.

Colourful Mood, Extra Protection. This feature will only be available after HOTA update. The zoom range is from 2x to 15x. With a rounded corners design on the Dewdrop display, the diagonal length of the screen is 6. Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance may decrease over time with normal use. Warranty does not cover liquid damage.

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The Battery Rated Capacity is 4,mAh. Battery life depends on actual usage situation. Maximum data. Sold separately. Applicable only to some devices supporting wireless charging.