If you are a stay at home mom, part-time employee, or even a full-time employee, looking for ways to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month, here are some ideas on earning that extra income.

Embrace Your Passion

You've heard it before, but it's true. If you have a passion, use it. If you like to take photos, perhaps you can start a small photography business. Start small. Take pictures of kids at birthday parties and send copies to their families, at no cost. They will start hiring you for events.
If you like baking cakes, cookies, pies, etc - bake and sell at the county fair or other public forums.

Love The Internet

The internet is your friend. Scams are abundant but you can find jobs/tasks to earn extra income. Consider sources such as Craigslist or your local newspaper. You can landscape on the weekends, help homeowners with tasks such as remodeling their decks and patios. You can turn this into your own business some day.


Love The Internet - Even More.

Create a website about something that you are passionate about. If you provide good information, you can attract people to your website. As it gains popularity, you can market goods and services. If you like dogs, you can provide information about how to train dogs and turn that into an online store to buy pet training supplies.

DO expect to make a few hundred dollars. DON'T expect to be a millionare overnight.

Side Jobs

Find a side job with good earning potential such as the following:

  • Tutoring (for example Math, Language, Music)
  • Lawn Care and Maintenance
  • Retail Store Staff
  • Baby Sitting
  • Maid Service

Sell Your Junk

One manís junk is another manís treasure - this concept has propelled eBAY to a billion dollar empire. Round up any items in your household that you have not used in the past three to five years. Sell them. Price items at $0.25 and up. Don't price at retail - these are junk items.