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The Xiaomi Mi 1 smartphone was announced in August The first Xiaomi Mi 1 smartphone was then commercially appeared in Asia and East Asia technological markets. In August , following the first version of smartphone, Xiaomi Corporation announced its new device called Xiaomi Mi 2 smartphone. It was improved from the previous version by updating the new firmware with the most updated Android Version. In September , Xiaomi announced its Mi 3 phone. By October Xiaomi was the fifth-most-used smartphone brand in China.

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In it sold In Xiaomi announced its expansion outside China, with their first international headquarters in Singapore. Future product launches and activities in the region will be set up there. It would have to be a strategic move. In April Xiaomi purchased the Internet domain mi. The company sold over 60 million smartphones in In April Xiaomi announced it would make its Mi devices available through two of India's major e-commerce sites and through offline retailers for the first time. The Xiaomi Mi Band was also launched in the same event. On 27 April , it was reported Ratan Tata had acquired a stake in Xiaomi.

On 30 June , Xiaomi announced its expansion into Brazil with the launch of locally manufactured Redmi 2 ; it is the first time the company assembled a smartphone outside of China.

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It was a groundbreaking smartphone at the time in the budget segment, and was well received by Indian customers. It made record sales on the year, and Xiaomi brand name continued to grow. On 10 May , Xiaomi launched the Mi Max. Shortly after starting operations in Brazil the company left the country in the second half of On 19 April, Xiaomi launched Mi 6 , its flagship phone at the time. It is the first of several planned for the region. In the event key note Xiaomi stated they started working with Google for the Mi A1 Android One smartphone almost six months ago. In Q3 , Xiaomi overtook Samsung to become the number one smartphone brand in India.

Xiaomi has sold 9. Xiaomi already sells assorted items in the US such as power banks and Bluetooth speakers. On 22 May , Xiaomi will open, in Paris, its first French store. On May 3. In May , Xiaomi began selling some of their smart home products in the United States through Amazon.

In July , Xiaomi opened their office in Bangladesh with a view to establish a manufacturing plant within the next couple of years. It was second phone of the brand with this technology available on market.

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Xiaomi is the Chinese word for " millet ". Lei Jun, Xiaomi's CEO, said that the company prices the phone almost at bill-of-material prices, [87] [88] without compromising the component quality and performance compared to other premium smartphones. At first, to reduce overhead costs, Xiaomi did not own any physical stores, selling exclusively from its online store. In recent years, they have opened 54 brick and mortar stores to combat the strategies of other low-cost competitors in Chinese markets. It also did away with traditional advertising and relies on social networking services and word-of-mouth to publicise its products.

By keeping a tight control over its stock , Xiaomi is able to place cheaper batch orders as demand dictates. Limited availability flash sales ensure that supply never outstrips demand and helps promote its products. In contrast, traditional OEMs incur large upfront productions costs, which must be recouped by selling prices, in order to ship phones, some of which may not sell, out to retailers all around the world. Xiaomi say that they listen closely to customer feedback, having them test out upcoming features themselves, and building an extensive online community.

After that, they merely acknowledged my input, but never acted upon what I had said. So I thought to myself, if I make a phone, you can tell me anything you wish for it or what's wrong.

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  8. If it is justifiable, we will work on it immediately. I'll give you an update every week and you may even see your wishes come true within a week. Once a suggestion is picked up, it is quickly transferred to the engineers. Therefore, features can turn from mere concept to shipping products within a week. The company then ships a new batch of phones out every week on Tuesday at noon Beijing time, containing the new software builds and possible minor hardware tweaks.

    Xiaomi calls this process "design as you build. The patent acquisition was a strategic move by Xiaomi to strengthen its weak patent portfolio aligned with its global expansion plan to create a defence against patent lawsuits. Xiaomi's mascot, Mitu, is a white rabbit wearing an Ushanka known locally as a " Lei Feng hat" in China with a red star and a red scarf around its neck.

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    Xiaomi produces many products. Observers suggest that part of Xiaomi's rapid success rests on its ability to differentiate itself within the Android universe. As well as mobile phones, Xiaomi has started selling wearables , mobile accessories, and appliances such as television and speakers. In it was selling tablets, laptops, and smart-home devices. Xiaomi operates on a vertically-integrated model that enables the company to sell hardware at cost or below in order to attract users and earn money by selling content.

    Xiaomi also keeps its prices low or close to "bill-of-material" by keeping most of its products in the market longer, eighteen months rather than the six-month norm followed by many smartphone companies. It enables the company to sell hardware with specifications comparable to high-end devices at a fraction of the cost. The company focuses on India, the world's second-largest smartphone market.

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    In Xiaomi started to sell simple goods such as sunglasses, caps, pillows, glass lunchboxes, cups, filters, bags, backpacks, luggage, screwdrivers, and umbrellas. In April , researchers at Check Point found a security breach in Xiaomi phone apps. In March , Xiaomi showcased its new 40W wireless charging solution, which was able to fully charge a smartphone with a 4,mAh battery from flat in 40 minutes.

    The Android project's Linux kernel is licensed under the copyleft terms of the GPL, which requires Xiaomi to distribute the complete source code of the Android kernel and device trees for every Android device it distributes.

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    By refusing to do so, or by unreasonably delaying these releases, Xiaomi is operating in violation of intellectual property law in China, as a WIPO state. Xiaomi has been compared to the American corporation Apple Inc.

    In , the company was said to be counterfeiting Apple's philosophy and mindset. During the Mi 4 unveiling conference in , the presentation slides used Apple's iconic "One more thing Xiaomi has been also known for their hunger marketing tactics, which Apple also uses. When Xiaomi releases new products, they make the shortest time record every time they sold out the new item. Their new products are only available for purchase on their official website, people who pre-registered could get a chance to make a purchase.

    In November , Xiaomi's smart set-top box stopped working one week after the launch due to the company having run afoul of China's State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television. In August , the company announced that it was hiring Hugo Barra from Google , where he served as vice president of product management for the Android platform. Xiaomi's cloud storage service Mi Cloud stores all user data in its servers located in China. There were reports that Xiaomi's Cloud messaging service sends some private data, including call logs and contact information, to Xiaomi servers.

    Xiaomi later released a MIUI update that made cloud messaging optional: Xiaomi claimed that no private data was sent to Xiaomi servers if the cloud messaging service was turned off. In October , Xiaomi announced that they were setting up servers outside of China for international users, citing improved services and compliance to regulations in several nations. In September , Thijs Broenink, a computer science student, suspected a pre-installed app named AnalyticsCore in Xiaomi phones.

    Upon further investigation Broenink reported, through a blog post with verifiable details, [] that AnalyticsCore can send device information, including IMEI, MAC address, model, and other parameters, to Xiaomi servers.

    He also said that Xiaomi phones had a backdoor allowing installation of any app without user approval; the veracity of his claims has yet to be verified. The Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission had investigated the flash sales and found that Xiaomi had sold fewer smartphones than advertised. In those flash sales Xiaomi claimed that the number of smartphone sold was 10, units each for the first two sales, and 8, units for the third one. However, FTC investigated the claims and found that Xiaomi sold 9, devices in the first flash sale, 9, units in the second one, and 7, for the third.

    On 9 December , the High Court of Delhi granted an ex parte injunction that banned the import and sale of Xiaomi products in India. On 16 December The Delhi High Court granted permission to Xiaomi to sell its devices that are running on a Qualcomm-based processor until 8 January With this sale, the company received press coverage when their flagship Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G phone sold out in 6 seconds. On 7 July , several technology news sources reported a severe vulnerability in the MIUI firmware developed by Xiaomi.

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