Florida Bad Credit Refinance Loans - Refinancing With A Low Credit Score Below 600

Homeowners in the sunshine state have seen a significant appreciation in their home values over the past 5 years. Some homes have doubled in value. If you have a home that is worth over $200,000 - this is alot of equity to have in your home. If you need to tap into this cash for a home improvement project, credit card debt consoldiation, education or other projects - there is no better time.

If you have a poor credit score below 600, you many think that you cannot get a mortgage refinance loan - but you can. Whether your credit score is below 600 (450, 475, 485, 500, 525, 540, 560, 585, 590, etc) or slightly above, you can still get a mortgage refinance loan.

We have researched lenders, who specialize in offering Bad Credit Florida Refinance Loans. Any of the lenders listed below will work with you, regardless of credit score or even if, you have a history of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Click here to apply by completing a short application form in minutes or select any of the lenders below.

Pioneer Lenders – This company has a 1 minute application form and works with a large network of lenders in all 50 states. You will get quotes from three to four lenders.   Highly Recommended

America’s Lending Partners – This company services all 50 states and has hundreds of lenders in their network. They also offer a quick and easy application process.     Recommended

NextStudent - This is a free, U.S. Government student loan consolidation program (no fees or other charges). The application process is fast and free.   Recommended