Cheap, Low Fee Payday Loans - Instant approval, online

Yes - payday loans can be expensive loans but they need not be. Payday loan companies are just like credit card companies and mortgage lenders. Their interest rates and loan fees range from low, moderate to high.

The key to finding a cheap payday loan company that also offers quick cash in 1 hour or 24 hours - is research at least four to five lenders.

Below are a list of leading online payday loan services.

Up to $1,000 INSTANT approval loan in 30 seconds!. Great Plains offer instant cash loans that youcan repay over a period of time instead of the standard 14-day repayment period. Start with a loan of $500 for first time loan clients and get up to $1,000 for subsequent loans.

Cheap $1000 payday loan in 24 hours or less. Fast, easy and secure online application. No faxing required. Bad credit or no credit history is not a problem.$250, $300, $500, $800 up to $1,000.

$1,500 same day loanSame day, fast cash advance loan of $500, $1200, up to $1,500. No Credit Check and no faxing. Applicants qualify easily.The online application is quick and to the point. Bad credit is not an issue.

Emergency $1,000 personal loans. Instant approval, emergency loans up to $1,000.The online application is 60 seconds! No credit checks, bad credit is OK. Minimal, no hassle qualification requirements.

Up to $1,500 persona loans. Payday loan lenders who provide personal loans to people with bad credit up to $1,500. No credit check. Some lenders offer up to $1,000 in 1 hour! Qualification requirements are minimal and they service people with bad credit.

Up to $1,000 cash advance loan Easy qualification online cash advance lenders. Up to $1,000 in 24 hours or less. No credit checks. They offer loans to people with bad credit.