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The rumors have been circulating for months, but now there's a source attached to the notion that Magic Leap is looking to sell itself off after a rough couple of years following the launch of its Magic Leap 1 augmented reality device.

Apple's first AR wearable might not arrive until , but we may have an early preview of what it will be like to wear a pair of its smartglasses via iOS The still-unfolding story of China's Nreal augmented reality startup continues to develop, with each turn uncovering another unexpected wrinkle. Alternate US history is the go-to move for hot new cable and streaming shows, from HBO's Watchmen to Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, reimagining how things might have turned out is an endless well of narrative inspiration.

Computer vision is a key component in enabling augmented reality experiences, but now it can help give sight to the blind as well. In this case, that assistance comes from Envision, developers of mobile apps for iOS and Android that use optical character recognition OCR and object detection to provide an audio description of the user's surroundings. The powers of the Nreal Light continue to increase incrementally with each passing week.

Now, the latest feature added to the device is possibly the most requested feature for anyone who has tried the Nreal Light: hand tracking. If you're as addicted to TikTok as much as I am, you probably heard about the app's alleged, hidden views counter, which can show you how many TikToks you've watched on your account. Most people who look at their counters are horrified to see that they've watched hundreds of millions of TikToks so far. Can that be right? If you're concerned about your privacy, TikTok might not be the app for you. Its shady practices with user data have been the subject of concern, criticism, and even legal action by the US government.

Then again, it's just so addicting.

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If, like me, you're not going to stop using TikTok anytime soon, you should at least know how to view the personal data it has collected on you. The entire wireless industry is working overtime to convince the world that 5G, and the higher prices associated with the faster speeds it affords, will not only be worth it but will deliver never-before-seen wonders. But few companies have produced such a stunningly well-done sales job as Three, one of the leading wireless giants in the UK.

Alongside Sesame Street, the Dr. Seuss universe has been a constant presence in the formative years of several generations of children in the US. While holographic Whitney Houston is hitting the road, a new mobile app is bringing volumetric captures of up and coming performers directly to the iPhones and iPads of fans. Many of us install TikTok just to see what it's like, but most of us stay for good. Inevitably, that involves creating an account. The problem is, TikTok assigns you a username, usually based on your email address — an odd choice for a platform made for self-promotion.

If you're not happy with your random TikTok handle, you can change it. Though Microsoft has had trouble keeping up with the demand for HoloLens 2, the company has been able to supply modified headsets to the US Army.

While the rest of the world is scrambling to figure out how to adopt augmented reality and VR tools for remote meetings, one company is building its war chest to serve the growing space of corporate clients who need this kind of immersive computing training. One of the worst-kept secrets in the tech world is Apple's plans for consumer-grade AR smartglasses, still unconfirmed publicly and only recently corroborated through a leaked account of an internal employee meeting. The bigger the group chat, the harder it is to follow. Click here for additional Google Play help. Click here for details on Parental Controls.

I can help with Moto phone issues. Manage Applications - moto z4. How can I access the apps on the moto z 4 or download others? You'll see 2 screens. The bottom screen lists your recent apps. In the bottom screen, select the second app to use. If you're using the fingerprint sensor to navigate: Open both apps so they appear in the list of recent apps. Swipe right on the sensor to view recent apps.

To exit split screen view Drag the black divider all the way up or down. The screenshot gesture was particularly unreliable.

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Another Motorola add-on that the Chicago-based company absolutely nailed is the gesture navigation system. The Moto Z4 gives users a single line that acts as the home button — tapping it takes users to the home screen. However, users can flick up on the bar to open multitasking, or swipe on it to go back and switch between recent apps. By default, swiping right switches apps and left goes back, but I preferred it the other way — thankfully you can swap the swipe function in settings.

Motorola was one of the companies that pioneered the always on display. Early implementations on Moto phones felt great — the ambient display felt integrated with the lock screen. Users could efficiently check notifications and jump directly into an app by swiping on the display. That integration is gone now. Where past iterations felt like the lock screen, and ambient display worked as one, this time around it feels like the two are fighting each other.

The addition of the in-display fingerprint scanner is the primary culprit, in my eyes. For starters, the Z4 presents the fingerprint scanner on the Peek display, much like the OnePlus 6T does.

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The circle where the fingerprint scanner was before becomes a circle with an unlocked lock icon. Pressing the circle again would open the device, or pressing the power button would bring you to the lock screen, and swiping would unlock the device. In all other instances, the scanner operated as expected, and was surprisingly fast. Plus, if I bypassed Peek by pressing the power button when I picked up the phone, I had no issues unlocking it. Instead, the problem seems to be a bug with Peek itself. Peek also lets users interact with some notifications. For example, when I got a text, I could press the fingerprint sensor — which showed a message icon — and swipe up and hold to view the message.

Depending on the notification, I could also choose to dismiss it, reply to it or open the app. This, thankfully, worked well in my experience. The Z4 also offers camera-based facial recognition to unlock the phone — not exactly the most secure, but fast and convenient. Last, but certainly not least, I want to talk about the mods. Moto Mods have been a staple of the Z series phones since , for better or worse. As I said in my hands on, Motorola promised three years of support for mods, but the Z4 marks the fourth year of support for the platform.

According to the company, customers who used the Moto Mods were extremely satisfied with the experience and were more likely to recommend Motorola devices to friends and family. The time around, the included mod is the degree camera.

Manage Applications - moto z4

Frustratingly, Motorola also shifts some typically standard features off the phone and onto the mods. Unfortunately, that puts me in the awkward position of judging this phone without knowing the price, which I think is a crucial part of the decision behind purchasing the Z4. At the very least, that would be ideal for consumers and Motorola alike.

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For one, the Z4 sports the Snapdragon , whereas the 3a has the The differences are minuscule — Qualcomm manufactured the on the smaller 10nm process, and it has a slightly faster Adreno GPU, but the uses newer Kryo cores and has support for megapixel cameras. But the Z4 also offers a slightly bigger display, premium glass and aluminum construction, an in-display fingerprint scanner and more storage off the bat. And, of course, support for mods to add more things to your phone. To me, that suggests we could see a higher priced Z4 in Canada this year.

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  • There's a lot of value here, but the price has to be right for the Z4 to compete;